Visual artists within 10 years of graduating or establishing their practice are invited to apply for a bursary of £1,000 for the development of their practice. This could be for the costs of making new work or exploring a new collaboration, mentoring, professional or skills based training, travel or a combination of these. There are 12 bursaries available and there is no application fee.

Now in its second year, the project aims to encourage experimentation and crucially to provide an opportunity for artists to define and determine their own development needs. Through these bursaries we would like to support activity which it may be hard to find specific funding for elsewhere, a specific piece of work or idea which may or may not have a tangible outcome. Each selected artist will receive mentoring from the Jerwood Visual Arts team and be part of a peer-network, attending facilitated sessions as a group.

We are interested in hearing ambitious ideas and are seeking propositions from visual artists who can demonstrate through a written proposal what the bursary will enable within the development of their work. Applicants are asked to be ambitious and will be selected on the basis of how much developmental impact the opportunity is likely to have on their practice, the feasibility of the project within the given budget and the need for the proposed activity to take place.

In 2016 12 artist bursaries of £1000 were awarded to Jozs Bitelli, Appau Jnr Boakye- Yiadom, Luke Burton, Zachary Eastwood-Bloom, Mark Essen, Umama Hamido, Kate Mackeson & Fleur Melbourn, Lydia Ourahmane, Molly Palmer, Morgan Quaintance, Anna Raczynski, Raju Rage. Artists were selected in February 2017 for this opportunity and have since been working on their projects independently – conducting interviews, developing new work, undertaking research trips, training and learning new skills.

For further information please visit:

Closing date for applications: 5pm on 4 December 2017


Eligibility Criteria

Who can apply?

·        Visual artists who are resident in the UK and have been working for up to 10 years since graduating or setting up a practice

What are the bursaries are able to support?

Research costs for a new project idea or collaboration.
·        The cost of making new work, including time to research or experiment.
·        Mentoring, coaching or professional training.
·        Attendance at festivals/conferences/symposia.
·        Travel costs associated with research or professional development opportunities.

Please note: The above examples are illustrative only. There may be other developmental approaches that you’d be keen to explore. Please state these in your application.

What are the bursaries unable to support?

·        Applications from artists whose practice is not primarily in the visual arts.
·        Applications seeking match funding, or which are conceived of as a small part of a larger grant application or project.
·        Projects which are already programmed and are seeking production funding.
·        Applications from or for the benefit of visual arts organisations or their programmes.
·        Artists not resident in the UK.
·        Applications from anyone who is still in full time education or vocational training.
·        General production or touring costs.
·        General course fees or associated costs of formal education.
·        Applications solely for the purpose of purchasing equipment or materials, though this may be a part of an application.
·        Retrospective activity (i.e. activity that has or will have already taken place before the end of the decision making process). Eligible activity must not begin before 1 February 2018.

Selection process

The 12 bursaries will be selected on the following criteria:

·        The development impact that the opportunity will have on an artist’s practice
·        The feasibility of the project within the budget
·        The need for the activity – would it happen otherwise?

The bursaries aim to:

·        Support artists’ practice and encourage experimentation
·        Provide small awards with the potential to make significant developmental changes.
·        Provide the opportunity for artists to define their own outcome
·        Provide an opportunity for successful artists to discuss their practice with a peer group and the Jerwood Visual Arts team

Entry Fee

There is no application fee.


Sarah Williams

Head of Programme, Jerwood Visual Arts

Oliver Fuke

Gallery Manager, Jerwood Visual Arts

Katie Schwab


Photo credit: Collective, Edinburgh

How to apply

Please complete the entry form online here.

  1. You will need to upload your current CV.
  2. Please answer the following questions*:
  • An introduction to you and your practice
  • What is the developmental opportunity you wish to undertake and when will it take place?
  • What do you hope to achieve, and how will you go about this?
  • Why is this important for your personal and/or professional development?
  • How much do you need and what would the money be used for? If other finances being used towards this activity, please indicate what they are.**
  • What is the timeline for activity?

* Please note:  There is a word limit of 300 words for each of your answers to the questions above.
**Please note that applications seeking match funding, or which are conceived of as part of a larger grant application or project, are ineligible.

You may also include up to six images and up to three web links to examples of your work. These may be images, sound files or video links. If a video or sound link is password protected, please use the password JVABURSARY. Please note we will not review artists’ general websites as part of this application process, and we will not commit to viewing footage/audio of more than 5 minutes per application.

We will inform you of the outcome of your application by 22 February 2018  but we regret we will not be able to offer detailed feedback on applications.

Background to the project

The Jerwood Visual Arts programme provides development opportunities for artists through projects such as Jerwood/FVU Awards, Jerwood/Photoworks Awards, Jerwood Makers Open, Jerwood Open Forest, Jerwood Painting Fellowships, Jerwood Solo Presentations, Jerwood Staging Series and Project Space exhibitions. Each of these projects provide a set pathway, for which the outcome is either an exhibition, event or professional development experience.

Jerwood Visual Arts Artist Bursaries offer 12 bursaries of £1000 directly to visual artists, providing direct financial support towards a specific project or activity which is identified by them, and which may or may not have a tangible outcome.

Key Dates

28 September 2017Launch of bursaries and call for entry
28 September – 4 December 2017 Call for entries open
4 December 2017 - 5pm Call for entries closes
December 2017 - February 2018Selection of bursaries
22 February 2018Notification of successful applications
End of February 2018Announcement of artists
February 2018 onwards Bursaries underway
March – December 20182 x artist group meetings
December 2018 onwardsEvaluation and review of bursaries

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